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Shortcrust Pastry

 Shortcrust Pastry


Shortcrust pastry is the simplest and most common pastry. It is made with flour, fat, butter, salt, eggs and water to bind the dough. This is used mainly in tarts. It is also the pastry that is used most often in making a quiche. Had I known how easy it was to make my own Shortbread Pastry at home, I would have made more sweet pies over the years! Here’s a very basic recipe to follow. Shortbread Pastry is best know in fruit tarts!


  • 60g sugar
  • 140g chilled butter
  • 280g flour
  • 1 organic egg
  • A pinch of salt

How to Make It

Step 1

Mix the dry ingredients together

Step 2

Add the chilled butter cubes and mix until a sandy texture is reached. If you are not using a mixer, simply rub the butter into the flour mixture until the texture is reached

Step 3

Add the egg and whisk again

Step 4

Drop the batter onto a clean table surface

Press the batter into a ball, then cover using cling film

Step 5

Place into the fridge to rest for at least 30 minutes before rolling it into a pie tray for baking

How to roll the pastry:

The easiest method to do so is by placing the chilled ball of pastry between two pieces of parchment paper and using a rolling pin, gradually flattening out the pastry until the desired diameter is reached

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