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Chicken Burger Patty

 Chicken Burger Patty

Ever since I started making my own Burger Buns I started experimenting with different recipes to enjoy my burger with. I had a few chicken breasts, freshly bought and didn’t quite know what to make with them. What I don’t like about deboned chicken is that, once cooked, it very quickly becomes dry and uninteresting to my taste. This recipe won me over though, by mixing the meat, adding spices and herbs, the chicken not only kept it’s moisture but also tasted divine. You could also very easily use the same steps in this recipe to make Chicken Balls! They are best served with a nice tomatoes sauce, but this recipe will have to wait for the summer days, when tomato become in season again!

Enjoy those patties with no delay, and make sure to check out my Potato Burger Bun recipe, and for a delicious garnish check out my Onion Chutney recipe and if you’re feeling adventurous, delve into my own fail free Homemade Mayonnaise recipe!


  • 3 Chicken breast
  • 30g rolled Oats
  • 30g Parmesan cheese (grated)
  • 1 tbs Parsley (I used dried)
  • 2 tbs Oregano
  • 1 Egg

How to Make It

Step 1

Largely chop the chicken breast

Step 2

Into a mixer add all the ingredients and pulse blend until the desired texture is reached

Step 3

Remove the mixture from the mixer and using your clean hands, shape 4 patties

Step 4

Place the patties onto a lightly greased plate and refrigerate for 10 minutes, this allows the ingredients to stick lightly together, preventing them from falling apart during the cooking process

Step 5

Into a heated and greased skillet, add the patties and cook for about 10 minutes (5 minutes on each side)

Step 6

Enjoy with your very own homemade Potato Burger Buns and Homemade Mayonnaise

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