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If you’re into cooking and might think it’s too tough and messy, this blog is for you! Enjoy the easy, healthy seasonal recipes! Coming your way 3 times a week! A large choice of vegetarian recipes, dinner and lunch ideas, desserts and How-to recipes, all video illustrated! So enjoy cooking and bon appétit!


Chocolate Courgette Cake

Courgettes are in full season and you might just be on the look out for new recipes to incorporate them into your next dish. I have just the recipe for you. Did you know that you could incorporate courgettes into your desserts?! When you do, they make your cakes extremely moist and believe it or […]Read More

Green Bean Preserve

Green beans are in full season, and they are the third most popular vegetable grown in backyard gardens, after tomatoes and peppers. It’s probably because they are pretty easy to grow in the right conditions. So, if you happen to cultivate your own beans, trust me, you would be on the look out for ways […]Read More

Parmigiana di Melanzane

Parmigiana di Melanzane, an italian iconic recipe. Many of you have commented my béchamel story with one single word « Lasagna »!! Today, I am sharing with you the closest thing to a healthy lasagna recipe. This classic northern Italian recipe is a great way to serve aubergines on this beautiful meatless Monday. By layering […]Read More

Endives au Jambon

This Endives au Jambon recipe is so delicious. On the other hand, we rarely enjoy the taste of bitterness in our daily cuisine, yet some research suggests that bitter food may help regulate hunger and quell cravings for sweets. These foods are plant-based and packed with vitamins and minerals as well as fiber, which makes […]Read More

Sauce Béchamel

While store bought béchamel sauce could come in handy, making it at home is so so simple, quick and flavorsome that you won’t ever need to buy it again. This week I will be introducing several delicious recipes that require béchamel sauce, so for this How-To-Wednesday, here’s the simple step by step recipe to the […]Read More

Courgette Cake

Courgettes are in season! Yeah! So, if you’re into moist, tasty, colorful cakes this recipe is for you! I for one am not into salted cakes, but this recipe made me change my mind, there’s nothing un-yummy about it! All the right ingredients plus the perfect moist texture for a meatless Monday recipe! Ingredients 600g […]Read More

Cheesy Apéritif Bites

Make those easy apéritif bites as it’s always aperitif o’clock somewhere around the world! Simple and oh so healthy, easily replace the store bought, fatty and sweetened crisps! Ingredients Makes about 20 cookies 200gr flour 125gr butter 80gr emmental cheese 1 egg 1 tsp salt 1 tsp ground curcuma Herbes de Provence (optional) Pepper How […]Read More

Flaming Rhum Prawns

Back in Burgundy for the weekend and it’s flaming hot!! With the current travel restrictions this summer we make do with what we can. So, allow me to take you on a trip, across the pacific with this flaming hot prawns recipe!!  Just a spoonful of Fiji Rhum takes us all the way to Fiji […]Read More

Salmon & Courgette zoodles

Courgettes are in season! And this healthy recipe is sure to keep you coming back for more! By spirilizing the courgettes (zoodles) you are making your very first  gluten free noodles!! yeah! Ingredients 2 salmon fillets 2 courgettes Juice of one organic lemon Parmesan cheese Pine nuts Olive oil Salt & pepper How to Make […]Read More

Golden Cordon-Bleu

Is it dinnertime already?! Traveling to Switzerland for this traditional, crunchy, oh so savoury Cordon-bleu, super easy recipe here below! Ingredients 2 skinless, boneless chicken breasts 2 slices of cured ham (or ham shoulder) 30gr of emmental cheese (or other meltable cheese) 1/4 cup flour 1/4 cup bread crumbs 1 egg Coconut oil Salt & […]Read More